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Sustainability and Destinations

How do you define sustainable construction?

The most widely accepted definition is the one presented by Charles Kibert in 1994, which defines Sustainable Building as "the responsible creation and management of a healthy built environment, taking in account ecological principles and an efficient resource usage".

Manuel Duarte Pinheiro's interpretation already considers an extension for rehabilitation, management, as well as socio-economic aspects, proposing the following interpretation for the concept of sustainable construction: "Creation, rehabilitation and responsible management of a healthy built environment based on resource efficiency and ecological principles contributing to the social and economic balance."


The difficult operationalization and the importance of recognizing the positioning has led to the emergence of voluntary systems!

At an international level there are several assessment systems (United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, Canada, France, and Japan, amongst others), aiming to recognize sustainable construction.

In Portugal, the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture at the Instituto Superior Técnico, established a research project that led to the development and creation of an evaluation system for sustainable buildings (Pinheiro et. al 2002; Pinheiro, 2004; Pinheiro and Correia, 2005; Pinheiro, 2006).

Sustainable Tourism Destination

LiderA has been developing in the context of integrating projects since 2013 the specifications to assess, develop, dynamize and manage the sustainable tourist destinations in Portugal.

A sustainable tourism destination is an area where there is a demand for good environmental, social and economic performance, especially in the aspects that are relevant and support tourism activities, attracting tourists and developing in a balanced way and respecting the environment, the municipality and the region. 


Municipalities, tourism or environmental entities, and especially accommodatins, restaurants and the various tourism services, which have or wish to adhere to sustainable good practices, may join the sustainable tourism destination.

For this purpose should express their interest, assume that will integrate best practices, which will then be evaluated by LiderA, which also suggests activities to be developed. The membership allows to use the logo of the sustainable tourism destination and to be part of the specific site.


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Sustainable built environment leverage and certification

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