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The LiderA application for each case begins with an evaluation of the level of performance (using the available model), classifying the degree of sustainability (from G to A ++) obtained with the information and solutions defined or existing.

In case with the objective of improve performance, the evaluation should also identify opportunities for improvement in the environmental, social and programs, next select appropriate solutions (within the context defined) and develop. 

If the objective is to certify must use the assessment model to classify the level of performance and obtain proof of the various aspects considered. LiderA certifies overall performance in the pursuit of sustainability that achieves at least C class (this is a 25 % improvement of the average).

It can also certify the demand for good performance in specific individual program areas such as energy, water, materials and waste, risks, resilience, costs in the life cycle, among others.


When begin to apply LiderA system please fulfil registration form and send it to allow a follow up.

Registration Form

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Sustainable built environment leverage and certification

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