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Guidance and aSSISTANCE

In order to promote its application, LiderA system created the figure of the LiderA facilitators (advisor) or consultants that have intricate knowledge of LiderA's approach and thus can support the search for sustainable solutions with developers, designers and other key stakeholders.

LiderA's facilitators (advisors) major activities are: acting as advisors to the customer, defining the scope, identifying opportunities for sustainable solutions, analyzing their viability, facilitating the development of sustainable solutions, contributing to the dialogue between partners, pre-evaluating sustainable performances and suggesting recommendations, organizing the evidences for certification, answering to the questions posed by the verifier and ensuring compliance with LiderA's code of conduct.

The LiderA System advisors should know the approach, the areas and the criteria defined in the system, to evaluate the environmental dimension of the sustainability of the construction (built version), as well as the function and way of proceeding.

In order to form and promote the knowledge and possibilities of application of the concepts of sustainable construction according to the LiderA system, since 2006, Courses of Advisors have been carried out.

The successful completion of the course by the participant, approval in the assessment requirements, equal or superior to 80 % and acceptance of the LiderA Deontological Code of Conduct, allows to be part of the list of assessors (level 1), which is presented in alphabetical order.


The accompaniment and experience of advice in certified cases allows to evolve of level.

LiderA Deontological Code of Conduct

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List of Facilitators (Advisors)

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Sustainable built environment leverage and certification

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